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Dr. Jelle Bouma translates scientific knowledge into practical tips for you and me. He knows how to inspire 10 to 1200 people on stage. Over the last decade attendants rated him on average 9.3 (!) out of 10. How epic will he make your event?

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Once upon a time there was this little boy... While his friends wanted to become fire fighters or nurses, he dreamed about being a writer. At the age of ten he finished his first hand crafted book of over one hundred pages, full of spelling mistakes and childish illustrations.

This little boy grew up in a typical Dutch entrepreneurial family. Logically the question arose: could you earn a living as a writer? At the age of 22 he founded his first company, nowadays he has realized dozens of entrepreneurial ideas.

His desire to understand businesses to the core brought him at the University of Groningen (RUG), the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Center for Professional Education St. Charles in Chicago (CPE) . Jelle Bouma's academic contributions were acknowledged with the doctor's title in Economics and in Business, because of his answers to the question: why do organizational changes succeed or fail?

Below there's just a few examples of his writing. More will be revealed if you change the language to Dutch at the bottom of this page.

That beautiful autumn
Is a Cookie monster computer virus real?
How do client relations drive revenues?

After over two hundred articles and a hand full of books he found out that it is not just writing. There's a deeper drive inside: dr. Jelle T. Bouma M.Sc. loves to inspire people.

Especially that is useful as an entrepreneur, scientist and speaker.

Because inspiring people with knowledge is Jelle's true self.

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Are you Jelle Bouma's old friend from UCLA, the left for Professional Education St. Charles, Accenture, Deloitte, or don't know him yet and would like to ask him anything, then leaving a private message would be appreciated. Nothing will get published online, only Jelle will receive this in private today, ...

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